In 2017 I joined the NFL in New York as a bilingual copywriter to lead the league’s efforts in localization for the Latin American market in the United States. In this role, my day to day involved a lot of translations, QA and QC, but as the only copywriter, bilingual or otherwise, I was tasked with and successfully developed:

• Recognizable taglines to some of the NFL’s flagship social initiatives, like Crucial Catch and more recently, Inspire Change:

My text and the tagline “offense is the best defense against cancer” is used across all platforms and iterations of the Crucial Catch campaign.
I was responsible for the text and the tagline “Passion Beyond the Game”.

• Original ideas and scripts for videos like the one that played at the opening of the 2018 Draft. This was a rush job, and I completed the script in a day, then suggested Ray Lewis as the voice talent, and supervised the recording session over the phone.

• Branding and re-branding options for teams. This one is for when the Chargers moved from San Diego to LA.

Headline options for the Chargers moved to LA.

• Slogans, taglines and campaigns for NFL Shop.

Approved for the apparel line designed for the SB LII in Minnesota.
Approved for NFL Shop 2018.
Approved for NFL Shop 2018.

But with so many people involved, sometimes the approved version is not the one we’d like. Here are some samples from my favorite options that never made it to the public.

The campaign focused on rivalry, so the “comfortable lead” lies in the eye of the beholder.

• Naming options for products, activations, conference rooms in the office, and events featured in the Super Bowl and the Pro Bowl.

Example of naming of an event in the Pro Bowl 2018, televised by ESPN.
I named the virtual assistant for the Fan Mobile Pass App for Super Bowl LIII

• The texts for the rings and artifact displays in the now defunct NFL Experience at Times Square. The challenge was fitting all the excitement of the game in 45 words (in the case of the rings), and 60 words (for the artifacts).

Super Bowl Rings from SB I to SB LVI. All the texts are mine.
45 words or less for each Super Bowl description.
Various artifacts for all 32 teams
60 words or less for each artifact description.

• Various text updates for the decor of our offices in NY.

Before my text.
After my text.

Aside from my writing and translation duties, in 2018 I started doing voice over work for the NFL. Samples available in the voice section of this website.

In 2017 I continued with my monthly assignments for Rolex (through Hogarth) and some other sporadic projects for Craft (see voice section).

I wrapped 2016 with an incredible series of projects for Craft WW. It started in September, as I was arriving in NY, and I transcreated the content for a couple of Coca-Cola ads for the Latin American market within the US. After that, I QA’d and edited a couple of ads for X-Box and then supervised the voice talent during the recording of the voice over sessions. Before that, I worked on some Red Bull pieces for the Spanish market through Global Listings.

In 2015 I started working as a copywriting editor for Apple Music through Hogarth NY. I was the last editor to review the content of everything from playlist names, to their descriptions. It was a huge localization and transcreation project of which I am very proud. Eventually, I started collaborating on this project as a writer as well, so if you have iTunes and listen to the Apple Music playlists in Spanish, odds are you’ve read my work.

Since 2014, I’ve been working on the Rolex account (which includes the brand Tudor) for Hogarth UK. I am the last filter before the ad pieces go to print, so it requires the utmost attention to detail and entails a lot of responsibility. In 2015 I started transcreating the pieces as well. This is an ongoing project, so I have plenty of samples.

Testimonials for Advertising

“…thank you for being a dedicated and loyal member of the creative team. You’ve shown all of us that you are a hard worker who puts a tremendous amount of thought and creativity into your work. I am so grateful for that and I know that quality will take you far.

I would like to stay in touch and hope you will be open to working together in the future. I think there will be times when we could use your expertise and hope you’ll take our call…”

– Shandon Melvin, Creative Director at the NFL.

Creative Translations