In October 2018 my voice was featured in the gamebreaks to be aired on national TV in the US. The gamebreaks are short commercial breaks about the first game during a given week (Thursday’s game). I translated the content into Spanish and then recorded the audio. The following samples are for week 9 and 12 (Thanksgiving week), but I have 4 samples per week, and I recorded the breaks for every regular season week in 2018.

Later in 2017, in my role as bilingual copywriter at the NFL, I wrote the script for a video that opened the Draft 2018 in Dallas. The video is voiced by Ray Lewis, whom I had the pleasure of supervising and directing.

In September 2016 and November 2017 I worked with Craft as a Spanish language supervisor for a couple of recording sessions; the one for X-Box was in September, and the other one was for Oreo a year later. In this role, I was able to combine my experience as a voice talent and my copywriting and advertising skills.

Later, in 2014, I had another project. It consisted of a marketing video for an American company. I am thankful to Javier Avilés for his help with the master and studio.

In 2011, after finishing the translation of a script for Shoreline Tours about architecture in Chicago, I was asked to do the voiceover for it. I am very thankful to Mr. Eugenio Castillo, a professional with a great voice and talent, for he was my coach for the first project; I am  forever in his debt for that. Here’s a sample of the result.

That was for a huge project, where I served as a translator from English into Spanish, and then I recorded the whole text. That yielded over an hour of material. The content was related to architecture in Chicago, and it was for Shoreline Tours.

Creative Translations